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A Photographer’s Vision

From a country city, young business woman, starting out in this crazy world

As I explained in my post I attended a 3 day Business Training seminar last week. This is a year long course that i’ve decided to do to boost my knowledge and enhance my skills around making a great business that truly serves the community I live in.

One of the things that we were asked to do, or should I say, challenged to do, was to write a vision statement for what we could see for our business. Easier said then done! I thought ‘well I want to take great photos’ and yes that is what I want to do BUT we were challenged to make our vision so much bigger then that. The creators of Apple Steve Jobs didn’t shoot low when he started out with Apple. His vision was to ‘Challenge the Status Quo’. This has nothing to do with computers, nothing to do with ipads, iphones, ipods. But I think Steve Jobs has achieved this vision very well. He didn’t just want people to have a cool device, he wanted to create products that would change peoples world and how they do life. Do you think he was successful? Do you own an apple product? I know I own a few!!

Here’s what I started with and here’s how I decided on my vision. I did over these 10 drafts to come to a statement with each word specifically chosen for a reason.

  1. To create imagery that releases a sense of pride in a season of life
  2.  To create tangible imagery that releases a sense of pride in any persons life
  3. To create timeless imagery that releases a sense of life in one’s life
  4. Creating a sense of pride through imagery
  5. Creating timeless imagery for generations to enjoy
  6. That no important life moment will be forgotten
  7. That every important moment will be remembered
  8. That life moments will be remembered for generations to come
  9. That every important life moment will be captured in its fullness
  10. That every important life moment will be captured for everything it deserves

All of these visions were great BUT they simply didn’t hit me in the heart. They didn’t pull that string that says ‘yep thats it’. So I kept brain storming and changing words and here it is; My Photography Business Vision

That Every Important Life Moment Will Be Captured For Generations to Enjoy

Break down
– Every – that all people would have the opportunity to enjoy the power of photography
– Important – the big moments in life that you never want to forget; Your pregnant belly, your precious newborn baby, your wedding day, you family moments. What is important to YOU to pass down through the generations
– Life – Our human moments
– Will be – my goal
– Captured – through photography and my skills
– Generations – For your children and your childrens children and their childrens children etc
– Enjoy – Either through a tangible product that has a life time guarantee or through timeless imagery that wont go out of date through trends

So there it is – My Vision – Something i’m proud of and something ill continue to work towards every day.

What’s your vision? To love your kids to your greatest capacity, to build a family with a strong set of values, to love your husband/wife and lay down your life for them, to be successful in your job/business, to enjoy every little life moment as best you can? I challenge you to have a think about your vision just as I have mine 🙂

Much love,

Kelsey xxA Photographer's Vision