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Albury Wedding Anniversary Photography

Presenting my amazing parents at the Albury Botanical Gardens for their Wedding Anniversary Photography Session

What better time is there than now to blog about the beautiful session that I did for my parents so I can brag about how amazing they are? Especially just before Christmas so I can thank them publicly for all the support they have given me this year.

This year has been a crazy whirlwind, amazing, fun and challenging year and I couldn’t have done it with my biggest supporters surrounding me and helping me in every decision i’ve made.

They are not only amazing parents but they continue to serve this community with every part of their lives and hearts. They run and assist in multiple groups in the community, are leaders at our church, help in small businesses and run small businesses of their own! I am so so blessed to have them as my parents and I couldn’t think of a better use of my talents then to capture some moments for them before they went out for dinner on their 25 year Wedding Anniversary.

It was quite a wet afternoon but we went around Albury Botanical Gardens which is where they got married 25 years ago! Although some plants have changed and a couple of flowers are a different colour, according to them the set out was pretty much still the same, how amazing!

And after some photos mum whipped out a surprise for dad with his wedding vowels (she couldn’t find hers)! On the original paper and everything!  What a moment that I was honoured to witness and capture as they renewed their vowels together.

My parents amaze me every day. Again, thanks mum and dad for everything. I think I will treasure these photos in the future a lot more then you will!


I asked my to answer a couple of questions in regards to the session. Now she might be a little biased BUT it still gives you an insight into what a session feels like

What was your experience like with Blissful Love?  Calm & relaxing

What occasion were you getting photos for?  25th wedding anniversary

What beautiful products did you invest in from Blissful Love and why? a canvas, timeless, light & easy to hang

How did you find the session? Was it fun and relaxing? We only had limited time because of the rain, but thankfully the rain stopped & the sun popped out just when we needed it to. Being an older couple we weren’t as used to being in front of the camera, but Kelsey gave us some great ideas to help us make it fun & relaxing

Did Kelsey make you feel comfortable? Definitely

What would you say to anyone wanting to get anniversary photos done? We were never ones to have professional photos done, but now that we have, we can definitely see the difference between unprofessional & professional, its like chalk & cheese. Don’t put it off until the next big one, plan ahead & make it a special moment that can last for lots more anniversaries ahead, and before you get too old & wrinkly!!

Enjoy some of my favourites from the session

Much love, Kelsey

Blissful Love Photography xx


Couple walks together looking at each other

Couple walks together laughing

Couple looks at camera and then at each other

Women smiles as she looks through her old wedding album

Couple looks together at their old wedding photos

Couple reenact their wedding photos

Couple stand together under over arching trees

Husband kisses his wife on the cheek

Couple kiss under the trees

Husband and wife pull a silly face

Couple stands together where they originally got married

Couple holds hands showing wedding ring

Couple renews their vowels together