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Albury Wedding Photographer – Wahgunyah Wedding

The beautiful Wahgunyah Wedding of Nikki & Lance, by Albury Wedding Photographer Blissful Love Photography


I am so excited to show you just some of the beautiful images that we captured for Nikki & Lance at their Pfiffers Wines Wedding this year!!


It was such a beautiful day with a beautiful sunset, not to hot and not to cold! The best kind of wedding weather! 

I’ve recently asked for some feedback from some past brides and here’s some of what Nikki replied, this may calm some of your wedding photography nerves!


1. What features of the Blissful Love service did you like the most? I really like the App that you sent after the wedding with some of the photos from our wedding on it, i love just sitting and flicking through them when Im bored and when people ask about our wedding, I have it there handy to show them!

2. Would you have changed anything about the service? Ive been sitting here thinking of something that I would change but i cant think of anything, so no! 

3. Is there anything you wish you had know about how the photography would go on the day? No, We met with Kelsey a few days before the wedding and she had a plan of how it would all go and we were prepared for everything that happened on the day photography wise!

4. Did you feel comfortable, relaxed and like you could enjoy the photography part of your day? Definitely, it was pretty hot so there is always that uncomfortable part but there was no standing out it the heat for long periods of time. The photos where really quick i though which was great!


Thanks to the other amazing vendors at this beautiful wedding! You did an amazing job!

Enjoy some of my favourites from this special day!

Much love,

Kelsey & the Blissful Love Team xx



Make Up station for bride

Wedding ring surrounded by flowers

Bride getting ready for her wedding day

Wedding Dress

Wedding ring on plain wood surface

Honouring grandparents who have passed away with their photos on her flowers

The girls cheers together as they get ready

Father of the Bride gifts

Nervous bride puts her wedding dress on

Portrait of the bride

Bride and her bridesmaids excited to head to the ceremony

Pfiffers Wine Wahgunyah

Details of Wedding Ceremony

Groom getting ready

Groom with his groomsmen waiting at the alter

Brides cars role into the ceremony

Groom looks at with wife to be

Bride walks with her dad down the aisle

Groom eagerly awaits bride at the end of the aisle

Wedding ceremony

Bride puts ring on grooms finger

The kiss!

Family and friends shower couple with rose petals

Bride hugs her grandma

Wedding group shot

Family photos at a wedding

Family photos at a wedding

Bridal part formal photo

Bridal party walks along the bridge laughing together

Natural shots of the bridal party walking by

Girls stand together

Groomsmen cheers with their beers

Bridal party fun with the wedding cars

Bride & Groom in front of Wedding Car

Bride and groom enjoying a moment together in the wine cellar

Bridae and groom walk along track with sunset in the background

Bride looks at her husband

Couple stand together holding hands

Bride and groom walk together in the vines

Bride with her beautiful dress stretched out in the vines

Groom gives a cheesy grin at the camera

Bride and groom walk together in between the vines

Bride and groom enjoy a kiss together

Bride and groom close up and far back shot

Time to head to the reception

Pickled Sisters cafe at Cofields Winery

Reception set up

Wedding reception at Cofields Winery

Couple does first dance at wedding reception

Couple dance together at wedding reception

Couple cut the cake at wedding reception