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Albury Wodonga Couple Photos / Capturing Beautiful Portraits Of Couples

On Australia Day I had the pleasure in capturing these two cuties on a hill at sunrise, was so much fun. Was so nice to capture a personal project which I haven’t done in a very long time!

A little of the behind the story – story, for you.

The beautiful young woman Kelsey who features in the below images and film from Ice Cream Sandwich Films  has been very dedicated & working with me in the shadows behind the scenes in the Blissful Love & Umbilical Love Photography studio now for the last 12 months and has become my right hand. The little business I started on the border 3 years ago after moving from interstate has blossomed into something bigger than I ever thought & I am very blessed and forever grateful for all my clients support in our ventures.

It is actually quite the production behind the scenes so Kelsey has been learning the ropes for sometime & the new year has come to see Kelsey now helping me as studio manger in the studio.

To put a face to the name behind the phone/emails and correspondence we thought we’d give Kelsey & her beau Caleb the experience that all our clients receive!

Kelsey told me that Caleb was moving to the big smoke Melbourne to follow his dreams, (we are so very excited for him) so what a perfect time to capture these two and what they share and mean to each other.

I came up with this idea & I had a week, so I sprung it on poor Kelsey that she was to meet me on the hill at Sunrise – (yes I’m usually not this crazy, on Australia day so I knew I’d be able to fit the shoot in and be back in time for breakfast! Perfect!

I might even add the early morning picture of #thebuilderswifelife – I had props to take like a green vintage bike and some flowers I’d found at midnight the night before all to make it perfect for them!

I also had a surprise which they didn’t know about and that was Pep from Ice Cream Sandwich Films – I wanted to give Kelsey a little story about their love for her to Cherish while Caleb is away pursuing his dreams while Kelsey is here pursuing hers – I have been where they are and thought how beautiful that would be for them!

Pep was so excited to come from Melbourne to tell their story in film – Together the film and the photographs are even more powerful than I could have ever imagined!

So here we have it a girl a boy + a bike = First sight a story captured by Blissful Love Photography & Ice Cream Sandwich Films –


P.s The winds came along my I blew out my plugger (like a true Australian on Australia day) so shot most of the session with one shoe on – We will be hiding that image LOL

Much Love – Jodie xx


A little behind the shoot!!!


SUNRISE PORTRAITSHOOTSUNRISE SHOOTGirl holding flowers on a mountain topgirl walks up to boy on hillBOY WAITS FOR GIRL ON TOP OF THE HILL

Couple on a vintage bike looking at each other on the hillCouple on a vintage bike HAVING A CUDDLE WITH each other on the hillSunrise on the mountain with young coupleCOUPLE WITH BIKES ON THE MOUNTAIN LOOKING AT THE VIEWAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 13Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 12COUPLE LOOKING AT THE CAMERA WITH WIND BLOWING IN THEIR HAIR ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN AT ALBURYyoung girl skipping holding her boyfriends hand at sunriseSunrise photoshoot with young girl boy a vintage bike and a treeBEAUTIFUL SUNRISE LIGHTING WITH COUPLE ON A MOUNTAIN BOY KISSING HIS GIRLFRIEND WITH HER EYES SHUTCouple holding hands looking at each other in the sunsetAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 18boyfriend kissing girlfriend on the cheek girl looking at the cameraAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 20
Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 22couple in the long grass looking at each other on sunriseBeautiful sunrise couple shoot hugging each other in the beautiful glowing lightcouple in the long grass looking at each other on sunriseAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 26Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 27couple holding hands walking along in the long grass looking back at each othercouple walking together on a hill on sunrise leaning in having a cuddlecouple holding hands on a sunrise morning looking at the cameraAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 31couple sitting in the grass looking over the mountainscouple sitting in the grass on Huon Hill Wodonga turning around cuddling looking at the cameraAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 34Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 35Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 36Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 37Couple having an intimate cuddle in the long grass on sunriseCouple having an intimate cuddle in the long grass on sunriseCouple sitting down soaking up the golden glow at sunriseAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 40Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 42Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 41Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 44Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 45Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 43Couple on a hill at sunrise looking at each other with the moon still outcouple holding hands looking back at each other walking along on a mountain with long grass at huon hill alburyAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 48Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 49Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 50Umbilical Love Photography Studio Manager Kelsey Freeman in the grass looking at the cameraAlbury Wodonga Couple Photos 52Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 53Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 54Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 55Albury Wodonga Couple Photos 56