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Authenticity – Kelsey Freeman Albury Wodonga Photographer

“Then You crash over me and I’ve lost control but I’m free
I’m going under, I’m in over my head.

Whether I sink, whether I swim
It makes no difference when I’m beautifully in over my head”

– ‘In Over My Head’ Bethel

This is a blog about me and how sometimes I feel in over my head, but i’m on the journey.

There’s a lot of things I could write when it comes to telling the world about myself. For social media I would simply show the best bits, the highlights. For my website it’s one up from that, only the top stuff that I produce in the hope that people will like what I do. But I wanted to write this blog as authentically as possible. Because isn’t that what we are all really craving? Authenticity.
So i’m Kelsey. Im the owner and photographer of Blissful Love Photography and Umbilical Love Photography. I have long red hair and get called ‘ranga’ often and I love it!! I wouldn’t change my hair colour for the world (apparently red heads don’t go grey as easily).
I worked with the founder of the business for 2 years before she offered it to me to take over. I was 20 years old and had no idea how to run a business other then what I had watched her do for the past 2 years. No uni degree, no tafe courses, no qualifications in the field.
Some people said I should do some sort of business course before starting but the offer was on the table and time wasn’t going to wait. So I jumped in. Scared out of my brains mind you, but so ready for the challenge. I was a ‘grab the bull by the horns’ type of girl.
It started well and then got harder a few months in when I had to use my savings to pay for the studio rent. But I praise God that i’ve only ever had to do that once. Even when i’ve gotten down to $10 in my account; some how i’ve still had enough to pay the bills every month.
This is a good point to stop and give all glory to God for where I am today. Like how does a now 22 year old run a business with no previous training whatsoever and be somewhat successful (well people are booking with me so that means something right?)?! I have no idea! haha. I am so thankful to Him for getting me through every win and every loss, in the good and the bad, when I have no idea what i’m doing and when I have too many ideas for what i’m doing. All praise to Him.
When I get caught in the world of social media (which I do often because it’s where maybe 50% of my clients come from and i’m a bit obsessed with Instagram) I find I start to compare myself to photographers and business people who are 10 years down the track. And its good because I have something to aim towards but it can also be bad because I think ‘wow, i’m never going to be that good’. But i’ve also learnt that if i just get a little bit better every day then ‘ill make it there’ someday. But i’m sure if I asked those photographers and business people 10 years down the track they wouldn’t claim that they’ve ‘made it’ either. So we are all on a journey! I just have to know where i’m at and be ok with that.
A bit more about me personally, i’m engaged to be married in November this year and i’m so excited!!! Caleb and I have been together for over 5 and a half years. We started as the weirdest of friends in youth group in 2012 (well before that but Caleb wasnt overally vocal back then). We had this whole ‘troll face’ thing going where we would pull these ridiculous faces at each other and laugh and laugh. He was a lot better at it then me…. haha. But after one of our mutual friends gave him the nudge that I had a crush on him he nervously ‘asked me out’ and our story began at 16 years of age.
Im so excited to get married and for our next journey to begin together and to see all the fun things that are set out for us come to life. We are following Gods plan for marriage which for us has meant that we haven’t lived together and wont live together until our wedding day. So I know that we are going to have to work every day to make it the best marriage that God has intended it to be and i’m so ready for that.
We plan on being in business together one day, somehow. Who knows!

Back to photography; i’ve always had a camera in my hand forcing my friends in high school to always be in photos. I often get told that if I didn’t have a camera and drag people in front of it we wouldn’t be able to look back at half of those memories that we have today.
And wedding wise, well i’ve always loved weddings. For my maybe 13th birthday my best friend bought me 2 bridal magazines which I still have (although they are quite out of date now!!) But now she will walk in front of me down the aisle as my maid of honour, just as I did for her in her wedding at the start of the year.
So I love that I can be a part of the beginning of peoples journeys. Their day 1 to committing the rest of their lives together. It’s always such a beautiful celebration. I love being a part of that and feeling the emotions of a wedding day, its thrilling! And I love creating more then just a USB so couples can tangibly enjoy their photos for a long time.

Whats in the future for me?
I’d love to be doing wedding photography for a long time. It’s one of my ultimate loves and passions.
Other then that, there’s a few things i’d love to do;
– Open a business that engages sponsors for at risk youth and young adults to be trained and equipped in a field over a time period and then to release them out into the work force to break the cycle of poverty, drugs, alcohol and abuse.
– Open my own clothing store with upcycled clothing (I love to op shop)
– Create a place where people can openly go to for a genuine listening ear at any time of the day.
– Adventure Europe again – but this time with Caleb. To go back to Denmark (where I did a 5 month student exchange in year 11) and to meet my family and friends there. Also to take him to my favourite ice cream and bubble tea shop in Viborg.
– Do some sort of event planning and management
– Inspire young people that University isn’t the only path way after school!
And let’s just say, so much more that I haven’t even thought or dreamed of yet.

If you’ve reached the end here then thanks for reading!!
Everyone has a story and this is just a little bit of mine – so I hope you enjoyed reading it and have gotten to know me just a little bit better.

Much love, Kelsey xx
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