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Introducing to you Mr & Mrs Pickering’s AMAZING beautiful & timeless wedding album to remember their beautiful day for a lifetime. WOW is all I can say isn’t it just AMAZING???? You can see the blog post to Simon & Amanda’s wedding images HERE

A message from the bride after picking up their stunning wedding album:

“Thank you Jodie for our beautiful album. I can’t stop looking through it! You have done an amazing job. Xxx”

Wedding Albums & Why I Offer Them As My Wedding Collection…

I firmly believe that as a professional photographer that I need to educate my clients as to why albums are an extremely important product to own. I know that it has been said hundreds of times and over, that after the wedding the dress is returned or hung in the cupboard, the food has been eaten, the party is over & the flowers have died and your family & guests have returned to their interstate homes, its all so very true ~ so what is left after your amazing day??? Thats right your beautiful images that were captured on your amazing day for you to remember a lifetime. Your images will live on a lifetime, taking you back to your amazing day ~ day after day for generations to come.

I also firmly believe that these images that are so very close to you, that have meaning and memories for a lifetime are to be displayed in the best way possible, yes thats right your very own custom designed wedding album which will be a heirloom to generations to come long after you have enjoyed it for a lifetime of memories to your children’s children… & Canvases & Acrylics on your wall which you will walk by & admire every single day displayed in your home for everyone to see, not stored in a cd case where no one can see your love for each other & the amazing day you had 🙂

I know that we are in the digital age and that everyone is obsessed by the digital photographs. I certainly think that its wise to have the digital images as a back-up but I certainly don’t think its a very sensible idea to have digital files as the end of your professional product.

After all remember the VHS video collections, the floppy disc, and the mini disc collections but where will we play them now? What is the difference with Jpeg images? say in 10 years time? It’s also a real bugger when your favourite cd/dvd is scratched and will not play or read in your hard drive…. However that amazing album of your great grandma & grand-dad is still there as a hard copy for you to admire 24/7

Hopefully you can see by the age & ages to come as to why it is essential and so very important to create such a piece of art to remember your amazing day forever something that is tangable & WOW… I believe wedding albums are as important now as they always have been, we here at Blissful Love Photography create images from your day that stand out that tells your story from your wedding day how they should be told.

Your wedding album is a story telling album/product that tells your beautiful love story in pictures and one that you should be proud to show the world through a high quality professional piece of art – your custom designed wedding album…

Please take this opportunity to view Mr & Mrs Pickering’s AMAZING AMAZING heirloom custom designed wedding album which they will treasure over the years to come a story back in time:)