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Blissful Love Photography Albury Wodonga – A Photographer’s Guarantee


Its time for a Blissful Love Photography Albury Wodonga Photographers Guarantee!

You may have seen me post about this before on social media but i’d love to explain it in detail to you here, and also let you enjoy some cute as photos from Abi & Zack’s Engagement Session!

So i’ve heard from a lot of married couples that they had to wait a longgg time to get to see any photos from their wedding day, as in 6 months to a year! And I thought that was ridiculous! Does anybody else agree? I know that when I have a special moment captured in my life i’ll be dying to see them straight away!
Ok so maybe straight away is a little bit hard because we are, as photographers, go through about 3000 from your wedding day and then editing them all for you as well. We work our magic so you have incredible photos from your wedding day. That takes time! I think editing a wedding properly can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of straight editing. So spread this over a couple of days/ week, it does take time. But 6 months, or a year!? No way!!

Here’s my guarantee as a photographer who knows you are dying to see your photos!

Your Wedding Gallery will be ready to view just 2 weeks after your wedding day!! Thats right, you can book your ordering appointment in with me just 2 weeks after your Wedding Day! Thats crazy!

I want you to know that you wont be waiting months to see your beautiful photos.

Album designing and making obviously takes a bit longer, but that’s worth the wait, trust me! If I didn’t think they were worth the wait I wouldn’t be so passionate about them! Albums are a stunning heirloom product that are made to last forever and be passed down through the generations.

After your day I cant wait to get you back into the studio and get excited about creating your love story.

If you’d like more details on how you can see your photos 2 weeks after your wedding day, shout out! You can enquire by clicking here 🙂

Enjoy these stunning photos of Abi & Zack, two of my closest friends, crazy in love. Pay special attention to the sparkle in her eye as she looks at her man.. what dreams are made of!

Much love,
Blissful Love Photography xx


Finance looks up at her husband to be

Couple laugh together

Couple walk together surrounded by nature

Couple enjoy each others company

Laughing at the silly things each other do

Couple hold each other at sunset

Engaged couple enjoy sunset together

Close up of engaged couple

Boyfriend tickles his girlfriends face with his beard

Couple try and dance together

Engagement ring

Couple running away together

Jumping up in the air together