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Engagement Photos Albury

I may or may not be biased but this has to be one of my favourite Engagement Photoshoots ever!

Ok well maybe I am biased because Bethany is my house mate / sister / gal pal for life! And Ben is my Studio Video editor and generally a pretty cool dude! (except for when you judge my video skills!)

So after getting engaged a month or so ago I took an announcement photo for them in my house hallway! Not my best work id have to say but we finally got around to doing this engagement shoot!!

These two have big plans in the works which made them super busy before there holiday that they are currently on, lucky ducks! So on the day they were a smidgen bit tied up for a while and we debated whether to go ahead with the sunning rapidly setting before our eyes. But we didn’t really have another time to be able to do it so it was jump in the car and race over the hill in about 5 minutes to capture the last minute golden glow and then some fun with confetti.

Yes i’ve wanted to try photos with confetti for a long time and I finally got to do it with these guys. What a better way to celebrate your engagement then with confetti! I took a couple of different confetti options but found the Kmart popper worked the best! Just check out their reactions! Hilarious! I told them to pop the popper and then quickly kiss while it flies around them. It worked but they just couldn’t hold the kiss long enough with all the laughter! Lucky i’m quick!

Unfortunately I don’t get to capture these guys Wedding Day next year because i’m in the Bridal Party!!!! But I know they will be in safe hands with the amazing Briony!

Just be warned Briony, you will have a crazy Bridal Party to deal with because hello, i’m in it! woohoo!

Enjoy some of my favourites from this cute as Engagement Shoot in Albury Wodonga

Much love, Kelsey

Blissful Love Photography


Couple walking into the sunset together

Couple look at each other and laugh

Finacne picks up his girl and spins her around

Girl holds her mans face

Sweet kisses as she looks up at her man

Couple spins around really fast

Engagement ring

Couple Celebrates Engagement with confetti popper!

Couple laugh together as they are surrounded by confetti

Confetti on the ground

Finance picks up his girl

Guy spins around with girlfriend in his arms

Couple look at each other as they walk down the road