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Blissful Love Photography prides itself in giving you the best expereince possible when it comes to your photography. Whether it be your Big Day or a engagement or couple portrait session, we do our best to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and most of all have FUN!

Photography isnt supposed to be something thats simply endured or done because 'you have to', but its supposed to be about enjoying time with the one you love most and us capturing that feeling. 

In preperation for your Wedding Day Photography we go through together the ins and outs of your day so the process can run as smoothly as possible. This also allows us to be at the best places at the best times to capture things like those amazing sunsets! But dont worry, we do all the work, you just have to be in love and enjoy your time together. Thats what comes across best in photos and thats what we aim to capture in every shot. 

So sit back and relax and enjoy this experience. Just think that in 10 years time you'll be able to look at your beautiful photographs and re live them as if they were yesterday

Where are you based?

We are based in Albury but love to travel around the North East Victoria and Riverina New South Wales Region and beyond! Our package includes up to 130kms of travel from Albury. We have a gorgeous studio in the heart of Albury which is where consultations and album plans may take place

What is the purpose of a second photographer?

A second photographer allows us to work a lot faster but more then that it creates a lot more variety in your gallery. While the first shooter may be getting the more ‘formal shots’, the second shooter will be on the side getting the other fun and little moments that you’ll seriously love at the end of your day.

Do we get all of our photos from the day?

Yes, yes and yes!!! You definitely walk away with every single image that is in your gallery. Your gallery is carefully sorted and culled (you don’t need photos of you blinking) and then all properly edited one by one so they are all ready to print. The average gallery ends up being about 600 to 700 photos

Why is an album important?

I am super passionate about you walking away from your service with me with something physical. In your hands. Too many times have I heard of people who get all of their gorgeous wedding photos on a USB (which, mind you, they’ve spent a lot of money on!) and then life gets busy and they never get around to printing anything!! How are you supposed to enjoy your photos if they are stuck inside a little wooden USB?! The albums are also created to last generations. They are made by an Australian company which ensures that the level of quality is super high. You wont regret having one of these beauties with all of your favourites memories in your home to enjoy forever!

What is your turn around time?

I try to have your gallery finished in about 3 to 4 weeks. From there we find a time to schedule in your Album Plan Session in which you’ll get to sit down together and view all of your photos together in print! After an album plan session the designing, editing and ordering process starts. The time from Wedding Day to finished album is about 3 months. Its worth every day of waiting though, trust me!

Do we meet with you before we book?

This is a big yes!! I love to meet with all couples who are interested in booking me at a no obligation appointment where we go through the ins and outs of the package, check out the albums and most importantly chat about your big day! At the end of this appointment I encourage couple sto go away and chat about it to make sure its the right decision for them. At the end of the day this is your one and only wedding day, so I want this to be the best decision for you!

How far in advanced do you book out?

I'm currently booking weddings about 14 months in advanced. Popular months like March, April, October and November book out sometimes 18 months in advanced so please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Do we need extra reception coverage?

In all honesty, it is lots of fun BUT it does depend on your crowd. Some crowds will shy away from a photographer on the dance floor because they think they look funny and this can sometimes kill the vibe. Other crowds love the camera and chase me down and we do get some hilarious shots! At the end of the day, its up to you! The extra reception coverage allows me to stay all the way up until you leave. So if you’re planning an epic exit, then maybe this is an option for you

How long should we allow between the ceremony and the reception to take photos?

I suggest about 90 minutes but it does depend on a few factors. For example, where are we going for photos? If we are driving 20 minutes down the road then we will need more time for travel. But if we are just walking around the venue, we may not need as long. I always suggest having more time allocated rather then less, because then you can just enjoy the experience then have to rush through it!

How do we lock you in as our photographer?

Well im excited that you’re wanting to lock me in as your photographer. First id love to meet you both in person so we can go through everything. From there its really simple, I just send you a short booking form, the invoice for the $600 deposit and then the contract and you’re all booked in! And you can tick that off your list!