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From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!! Now introducing Kelsey!

couples enjoying their wedding day togetherWOW! What a journey this photography passion of mine has taken me on, and what a crazy last few years it has been re-branding myself in a whole new state and starting from scratch to being in a retail studio space for Umbilical Love Photography & Blissful Love Photography. Actually what an achievement in such a short space of time that was, when I look back! Thanks to you all that supported my small business.

For those of you who I haven’t had the chance to tell yet with this whole change thats been going on the last few months – Ummmmm CRAZY!!!!, I have the bitter/sweet news that I have sold my baby (the biz’s) not the human kind LOL and I am off to another lifestyle of the mummy and wifey type!(and some other things too)

These last 9 years with what I have learnt in photography and business and the people I have met along the way and friendships I have formed, have been some of the most amazing years of my life. Personal growth too like you wouldn’t believe!

I have had so much love and support from my friends and clients for this next venture of my life and I am so grateful that they have all been a part of this whole experience with me; a little overwhelmed!

I am sad to leave the baby i’ve built for so long but so so happy to create my own family moments that I just LOVE capturing for you all.

I am sure you all have heard and if you have been into the studio have seen my gorgeous girl Kelsey who has worked along side me every step of the way over the last two years and I have watched her grow and blossom into one of the most beautiful women and business people that I know.

It’s been such a journey together and I am soo soo excited where Kelsey will take my precious baby’s!

I won’t lie, I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster this last month saying goodbye to something I have nurtured for so long!  BUT I’m not going to far though, I will be in and out of the studio and be here always as a mentor for Kelsey to continue the business to what I have grown it to be and what it is so well known for over the past nearly decade! But Kelsey is your official go to chick now!

I know that Kelsey will continue to give you the best experience that a custom photography studio offers & this is why I thought I should put some of these thoughts into a blog post.

Thank-you everyone for welcoming me so quickly and lovingly into your community. I am truly thankful for this and I have been absolutely honoured to capture beautiful moments for your family’s to treasure for generations to come!

From the VERY bottom of my heart thank you so much!

Now it’s time for me to go and live mine as a momma and I have a few plans in my pipeline :)) <3

So much love and thankfulness,

Jodie – xoxoxoxo