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How To Budget Your Wedding – Albury Wedding Photographer

Couple walking in front of their wedding venue

Or maybe I should title this blog post ‘how to budget your wedding and still have everything that you really want on your wedding day?’ Because thats what its going to be about.

Now i’m not a wedding planner (although that would be really cool) and i’m not a financial planner (and I feel like you shouldn’t need one of those for you wedding) but as a wedding photographer and someone who has planned my own wedding I feel like I have some insight. And you may have found yourself on this page because you’re overwhelmed with questions like; “how do I even start planning a wedding” or “why is this thing so dang expensive!”. Thats ok, i’ve got your back!

A lot of people say to me “I don’t know how to plan a wedding, i’ve never done it before!” and the idea of getting married is that you only do it once so that make sense. So take some insight from someone on the other side

Here is my golden rule when it comes to how to budget for your wedding

Sit down together, talk about each aspect of your wedding and decide together, what are the top three things that we really want to have on our wedding day. Or, what are our non negotiable’s? You could do 3 each or keep it as 3 together. 

For Caleb and I it was these 4 things

  1. Amazing photographer – Fran was super amazing!
  2. A photo booth for reception entertainment and a keepsake for us and guests – thanks Rustic Amour
  3. A Kombi as our wedding car – because this was just super fun and awesome
  4. An awesome band with a great sound system (This was mainly caleb haha) – thanks Mia Grace and the Aviators

And what happens is once you decide those things and find those vendors, then everything else doesn’t matter as much. And this is where the budgeting comes in. If you spend whatever you need on your non negotiable’s then you are never going to look back on your wedding day and regret where you spent your money. But if you spend your money on something that wasn’t super important to you, you’ll probably regret it one day.

So, what’s important to you?

Maybe it’s your wedding dress because you want to feel the most fabulous version of yourself, then go for it! Get that dress girl friend! Or maybe its the food. You want it to be super delicious and for everyone to enjoy it. Maybe its something simple like having something small and meaningful thats from your grandparents. Like a sweet handkerchief to put in your suit jacket. These things all range in price but if they are your non negotiable’s, then have them there! You wont regret it

That’s a little insight from me on how to budget for your wedding day! Let me know what you think, or maybe you have tips to add! Please leave a comment below

And I secretly hope photography is on your list too haha

Thanks for reading!

Kelsey xx

Blissful Love Photography