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Lindenwarrah at Milawa Wedding – Chris & Natalie

Now this is a wedding story to tell if I ever did tell one! Let’s do a timeline

12pm – sunshine, guests arriving to stay at the fabulous Lindenwarrah. One of the pros of this place is that everyone can stay there together! So after your ceremony and reception which are both there as well, guests can just wonder up to there room when they please! Chris, man of the day, closely watching weather radar wondering if the rain will hit.

1:00pm – Photographers and Videographers arrive – We got to work with the amazing Pep from Ice Cream Sandwich Films. Serious legend, video maker and just honestly has experience with weddings and knows how to keep everyone cool, calm and collected. Boys are up stairs having a beer. Girls are down stairs having a wine after hair and make up done by Ash Blake (Makeup) and Shannen Stevenson (Hair)

2:00pm – The clouds start to roll in and it’s start to look a little grey. Both Chris & Natalie are watching out their window as the storm rolls in. Photographer’s and videographers getting our workout by going up and down the stairs to capture all the little details, feelings and reactions.

3:00pm – The rain hits and it hits hard. We all watch out the window as the drains overflow and the ceremony chairs get drenched. With only half an hour to go someone had to make the call. As all the guests start to pop out of their rooms, dresses, heels and suits on ready to go, everyone wonders what they will do. Natalie starts to get ready in her stunning Made With Love gown and starts to prepare her heart to have the ceremony inside although it wasn’t what she imagined.

3:30pm – scheduled ceremony time delayed in hope the rain will pass!

3:45pm – We cant hold it out any longer, the rain is still coming down so they grab the chairs and bring them inside ready to have it in the lounge room with over 100 guests to squeeze in.

4:00pm – But wait!! The rain stops. The sun is starting to come through and the clouds clear as if they were never even there!! But now everything is inside! Chris is talking to all the people that are a part of the decision and he turns and says ‘I cant have my bride walking in here when the sun is shining through right out the window behind us’. Quick! Everyone grab a chair we are heading back outside!! A couple of guys grab the arbour and in about 5 minutes everyone is ready for Nat to walk down the aisle, through the beautiful sunshine.

4:30pm – Natalie walks down the aisle, mum and dad on each arm. Chris has tears as she appears (and I think everyone else did too!)

5:00pm – Rocket Bridal Party are in full swing as we capture all the amazing spots around Lindenwarrah before we loose the light

6:00pm – Chris carries his now wife into the reception and the party is about to begin. When you’ve got the amazing Luke Dewing playing, a party cannot not happen!

Enjoy this beautiful love story!

P.s – Complimentary mini engagement session at the start = amazing!!

P.p.s – Amazing heirloom products at the end!

Amazing vendors;

Venue; Lindenwarrah at Milawa

Dress; Made with Love

Hair; Shannen Stevenson

Make up; Ash Blake

Suits; Roger David

Cake; Little Red Robyn

Flowers; Blooms on Bridge

Band; Luke Dewing

Videographer; Ice Cream Sandwich Films

Much love, Kelsey xx

Blissful Love Photography


Couple look at each other at sunsetCouple snuggle in together at sunsetCouple cuddle together as the sun goes downCouple walk away together into the sunsetMade With Love Gown hanging at LindenwarrahBeautiful bridal flowers with ring in the middleMade With Love gown hanging in the windowCuff links and shoes of the groomGroom looks out the windowGroom cries after reading a card from his brideGroom laughs together with his boysGirls jump on the bed together before they get ready for the weddingBride gets her wedding dress onBride hugs her mumBridal portraitsLindenwarrah set up for a weddingGroom cries as his bride walks down the aisleBride and groom stand together at the alterMum sheds a little tear as her daughter gets marriedBride and groom kiss!Grandmas walk together to sign the wedding papersBride and groom kiss after signing the papersBride and groom are showered with rose petals as they walk down the aisleBride gets a hug from her grandpaGroup photo of all the wedding guestsBridal party laugh togetherBridal party walk togetherNewly married couple walk across the lawn togetherGroom carries his wife across the lawn so her dress doesnt get dirtyBridal party pull funny poses togetherBride and groom stand in the vines togetherBride and groom walk into the distance togetherBride looks back as wind blows her hairBride and groom share a kiss togetherA very dirty wedding dress after lots of photosGroom gives his bride his jacket so she stays warmGroom carries his bride back to the receptionWedding cake and table set upsBride and groom have entered their receptionA beautiful keepsake heirloom albumAlbum spread of couple saying I do!Ice Tile products to treasure in their home