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My Wedding Day


All photo credit to our amazing photographer Fran Jorgensen Photography!

One day in November….. I got married!! And it is definitely the top of my highlights reel for life so far!

But some people have questioned a few of the things I chose to do on the lead up to my wedding day and on the day itself. So I thought i’d write a blog to explain. I hope this helps future couples plan their big day too!

Disclaimer; this is Caleb and I’s day and how we wanted it to be, you don’t have to agree with half of my decisions because I know some were pretty crazy! But I hope it challenges you to think why you are planning what you are planning for your big day.

Now where do I start…

Caleb and I decided our wedding date a few months before we actually got engaged. “What?! No way! You cant do that!!”… I hear you say. Well yep, we did! Being in the wedding industry myself I knew that if I didn’t block the time out i’d probably get booked and we’d be getting married in 2033! And maybe you’re thinking ‘well thats a bit keen…’ hell yes it was!! I was so ready to get married! But that in itself is a story for another day…

So we’d gotten engaged! Yay! I am very honoured to be able to wear my beautiful grandmas ring on my finger.

The first thing we thought in our planning was ‘what is a priority to us?’ Sometimes I feel people go into planning a wedding with the thought; ‘we have to have this and this and a bit of that oh and some of that too!’ When really, do you? Not having a huge budget we wanted to work out what were the non negotiables for our wedding day? An amazing photographer was a non negotiable for us and we found Fran from Melbourne! When I was looking for a photographer the one thing I was looking for was someone whose style and editing I liked, and then also who had a welcoming personality and obviously the availability! The price came after, and we both agreed that whatever price it was; we were happy to pay it to have someone amazing to capture our day. Once the whole day is over, your photos and video are all that you have left to remember your day.

Other things that were non negotiables for us was a kombi and a photo booth (both what I dreamed would be at my wedding) and good music (Caleb is a sound guy). Mia Grace and the Aviators definitely ticked that box for us! To others maybe those things aren’t important and you could do without. So this is where it comes back to, what are YOUR non negotiables? Lets just say we spent less then $100 on our cake…

After that, everything else just kind of fell into place as we tackled one thing at a time. I didn’t want the planning process to be overwhelming. In fact, the most overwhelming thing was probably getting the invitations out!! Getting peoples addresses is hard! haha. And just so you know, we did this whole thing in less then 6 months! So if you’re overwhelmed and you’ve got 2 years, you need to stop and take a breathe girlfriend! It’s all going to come together. Just tackle one thing at a time.

Now let this scare you, I did NOT know what Caleb or the groomsmen would be wearing on the day. I thought, well if its a surprise for him, I want it to be a surprise for me as well! Why does he get all of the fun?! So I left it in the hands of my amazing maid of honour, who mind you is probably one of the most stylish people I know. (In saying that I think there was some last minute changes because Abi was away for one of the shopping days… anyway! It all worked out!)

Skip forward a few months and we were drawing very close to our big day. From the beginning we had our 2 best friends chosen as our Matron of Honour and Best Man. And I said to Caleb that if we wanted anyone else we would pick them a month or 2 before. Too many times have I seen brides not happy with who they have with them on their wedding day.. and its often unfortunately not realised until after the wedding.. So much can change in 2 years, a year and even 6 months! So I wanted to make sure that we had the people we loved to stand next to us on our wedding day. My advice, don’t pick your bridal party until you’ve either set a date, or you’re 8 months or less out from your wedding. Dress and suits don’t take that long to order, trust me!

Now if you’ve known me for more than 3 months you would know that I had super long strawberry blonde hair. But it was time for a change. I’ve often heard of brides doing the ‘after wedding chop’ as they kept it long for the wedding and then once it’s over it’s like they don’t need it anymore. I get that, but I also thought, well, do I want to look at my wedding photos on the wall and see long hair and when I then turn to the mirror see short hair? 2 different people nearly! We had our rehearsal dinner on the Thursday night and at 8am the next morning Katie from Made to Braid was at my house cutting my hair off!! Yep, call me crazy but that’s what I did! As she was doing my hair the next day I told her to cut it to what would work tomorrow and the rest we would worry about later. And she did an incredible job!! Caleb loved it too

The morning of; I bought my 2 bridesmaids pjs that they could re wear after this day if they wanted to! We all know those robs just hang on back of the door in your bedroom looking pretty…

I wanted make up plus!! Ok not like super over the top drag queen style, but I do understand that makeup can really enhance your amazing features and it reallyyyy helps in photos to give you definition. Bee from Pure Elegance by B did an incredible job of our makeup!

Then we took off in the Kombi to the top of Huon Hill, and this was not our ceremony location… We decided to do a first look! Now let me explain why. Some girls dream of the big reveal as you walk down the aisle to your crying groom standing at the end. I just honestly didn’t really dream of that (although I did love having my dad walk me down the aisle). So again, I wanted to do it my way. I wanted the OMG look at what you’re wearing! to be a moment for us to enjoy privately. Just me and Caleb. I wanted to take time to feel every excited emotion that came with that big reveal. And it was just fun! It also allowed that moment that I walked down the aisle to be a ‘wow this is our wedding day, look how far we’ve come’ moment instead of a ‘wow look what you’re wearing’ moment. I wanted to really feel every emotion of our day in all of its fullness.

Our ceremony was just beautiful. We had friends who sang and played guitar and our Pastor who did the ceremony so wonderfully. We had God in the centre of our ceremony because that’s who we are. It didn’t matter about trying to please people in the crowd, it’s our beginning.

And onto the reception. We chose a super relaxed venue Yack Ingredients, just up the road from the centre of Yackandandah. It was a gorgeous little spot in between the hills with a view of the valley. Dressed up by festoon lights, Yackandandah’s community flags, billy buttons everywhere and the people we loved. We chose to have an open ‘seating plan’ with no seats!! Just hay bales! So you could get up, sit down and do whatever you liked! There wasn’t any tight tables to squish in between, people could just interact as they liked. And as we ate pizza by Ashlar Woodfire Pizza, we drank kraft beer from Two Pot and the speeches began. Followed by a little sunset session down the road with all four of our creatives, yes 4!! We had Fran our main photographer, Meg Gibbs Photography on film, Ben Christie Media on video and Tom from Orchard Media to back him up.

And back to the reception for my first dance with dad, rock and roll of course! And then with Caleb, which surprise surprise! We’d been learning a dance secretly behind the scenes with our bridal party to surprise everyone with! Featuring a bit of Will Smith, Tom Jones and Sugar Hill Gang! We had a blast! It was one of those ‘I know our kids will think we are crazy’ type moments!

And there you go! That was the Wedding day of Kelsey and Caleb Hatherall

We did our wedding our way, because that’s what it was, OUR WEDDING!!

Thanks for reading!

Much love, Kelsey


Amazing Vendors

Photographer; Fran Jorgensen Photography (digital) & Meg Gibbs Photography (Film)

Videographer; Ben Christie Media & Orchard Media

Venue; Yack Ingredients

Food; Ashlar Woodfire Pizza

Dessert; The Rusty Bike

Drinks; Two Pot Brewing Co

Flowers; My aunty!!

Dress; Ferrari Bridal 

Shoes; Novo

Suits; YD

Caleb’s Ring; The Gentlements Smith

Bridesmaids; Always Alice

Pj’s; Boohoo

Flower Crown; ODIM Store

Hair; Made to Braid

Makeup; Pure Elegance by B

Tans; Endota Spa

Kombi; Paul from Yackandandah

Band; Mia Grace and the Aviators

Invitations; Vistaprint

Ceremony seating; Rustic Amour

Photobooth; Rustic Amour Photobooth

Our parents should also get a special mention because they just rock!



Groom eats breakfast with his groomsmen on his wedding dayGroom gets ready for his weddingGroom and his groomsmen get ready for the wedding dayGroomsmen helps put flowers on grooms jacketStunning wedding dress hanging ready to be put onBride gets her makeup done on her wedding dayBride and her bridesmaids get ready togetherBride puts her shoes onBride hugs her dad on her wedding dayGetting ready for the first look with the bride and groomFirst look for the bride and groomBridal party all standing togetherBride and Groom walk down the hill togetherBride and groom kiss at the alter!Flowers fall over bride and groom as they walk back down the aisleBride and groom sit in the back of the kombiBridal party altogetherBride and groom ready to enter their receptionReception fun with a photoboothBride and groom with a highland cowBride and groom laugh as people do their speechesBride and groom walk together at sunsetBride and groom spend a moment together at sunsetBride looks up at her groomBride and groom laugh togetherNewlyweds cut the cakeBride and groom perform first dance together