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The Pickled Sisters at Cofields Wines Wedding – Dom & Tanya

Dom & Tanya’s Wedding Day at The Pickled Sisters at Cofields Wines.

Im excited to share what a beautiful wedding day this was. And the reason why it was beautiful was because this couple had a genuine care and love for each other.

I guess you could say that they weren’t ‘all over each other’ all the time, but it was in the subtle comments, the gentle hand touches and the little smiles. These guys were just super sweet people.

When these guys came back into the studio to plan their amazing wedding album and pick all their photos, I think we talked more about life then we did about the wedding day! Because thats what these guys were about. Having a real wedding day where they could get their closest friends and family together to celebrate a special day. They weren’t caught up in all the little things but were so ready to go with the flow! Even when it started raining Tanya didn’t take the smile off her face. Thats what umbrellas are there for right?!

The Pickled Sisters at Cofields Wines is a super rustic location wth so much character! Beautiful wines out the back and a beautiful cellar door to have your reception in. And I have to say a huge thank you to the staff who fed me and Meg (from Meg Gibbs Photography) not just left overs but a beautiful entree as well which was delicious! They went over and above to make sure we were happy! Thanks so much! We also had the chance to talk to DJ Nige who was a super cool guy and was always thinking about the couples best interest. Love it!

Here’s some of the details of Dom & Tanya’s big day!

Thanks so much Dom & Tanya for allowing me to be a part of your big day! Im so glad you could walk away with two beautiful wall acrylics, all your high res images and your amazing 60 page album!! I know you guys will treasure it for many years to come.

Enjoy some of my favourite from the day

Much love, Kelsey

Blissful Love Photography xx


Beautiful engagement ring placed in a rose

Bride drinks a glass of red win on her wedding day on the jetty

Bride puts her shoes on ready for her big wedding day

Groom laughs with his groomsmen as they get ready for the bride to arrive

Bride and groom seal it with the kiss!

Bride and groom look at each other by the river

Bride looks over grooms shoulder as groom whispers in her ear

Bride and groom relax together in the vines

Couple look at each other holding hands as the sun sets

Bride looks back at groom as they walk together

Bride and groom have a ksis as the sun sets on their wedding day

Amazing acrylic ready to hang in their home

Heirloom Keepsake Album

Print bundled up with usb and thank you note

The whole package that a couple gets to walk away with from their wedding day