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So you just got married, what a celebration!! But now you’re wondering, what do I do with this dress?!

Why not consider a ‘Trash the Dress’ session that not only allows you to get two wears out of your dress, it allows you to celebrate the fact that you have chosen to marry this person and to commit to every up and down of life with them. Lets face it ladies, you’ll never wear it again!! So why not have some fun in it?

The actually trashing of the dress can be as serve or mild as you like. A beautiful way to trash your dress that doesn’t absolutely destroy the dress is in water. Think water falls, rivers, snow.
Or maybe you want to be totally wild and play in the mud or have a paint fight. Whatever idea you have, id love to hear from you and we can plan an epic shoot that represents you both to a tea

Prices for this session start from $99