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Value Your Memories – Photography Albury Wodonga

Value Your Memories – Photography Albury Wodonga – Brooke & Chris

In this blog I really want to talk about how to ‘Value Your Memories’ just like this beautiful couple did in this gorgeous session.

The word Value means (thanks google!) – ‘When you value something, you consider it important and worthwhile. … As a verb, it means “holding something in high regard,”

Some may say ‘photography is a business is a dying art’ or ‘every one is a photographer these days’ which is somewhat true, phone technology has come a really long way and some phones do take decent photos BUT I know I don’t want to get to 50 and look back at the photos of myself with my partner and only see selfies!! Phones are great but there is so much more in professional photography that you will never capture with a mobile phone. (I promise you I love my phone and I do take wayyyyy to many photos on my phone, but I know the moments in my life that are worth so much more then my not so amazing phone camera, and also the moments to come for me too)

Firstly, you can actually be in the photos!!! As a photographer that has always loved being the one taking the photo, I often miss out on being in the group shot or being in the shot with my friends because i’m the one taking it! Having a photoshoot with those really special people in your life, eg your partner, husband, wife, kids, family, you actually get to be in the photos!! I did try for my brothers graduation to do some DIY family photos but the most creative we got was standing in a line with arms around each other…. not real ‘put on my wall’ worthy. Maybe you are the uncle bill sneaking into every photo, but still someone has to take it (selfie stick are so 2015 people!) Now we could trust strangers to grab that quick pic when we are dressed up all nice at a wedding, but again, what if you blink in the one photo that person takes!! (Its happened to me to many times!!)

Secondly, it’s about a photographers skill, style and craft. Just like any job, we’ve taken the time and effort to perfect our craft. We know how to capture those moments that flatter you as well as be in the moment and natural. We know how to pose you so you can naturally have fun and laugh together. Im sure if I put you in a field with your loved one you’d probably stand there like ‘what do we do?’. Its a craft and something to perfect just like any other job. This is what I love and do for a living!!

You may be thinking; well i’ve got my own camera that takes photos good enough. (We could go back to the discussion of you being in the photo) It’s about valuing the memories and moments in your life that deserve more then anything to be captured and more then that, to be captured well! For example, your wedding day! This is a day that you get once in a life time and photos are the only thing that you will have after your day to remember it all. Newborn photos are the same, your miracle is only so small for so long. Your family, we never know what the future holds.

To end I simply encourage you to value the moments in life that are most valuable to you and that you can never get back. Value the laughs, the cries, the funny faces and the pretty clothes. What is it that you value most in life? Who are the people you value most? What moments are you looking forward to you that will be once in a life time? Now get them captured! Capture this moment that is so special to YOU!

Enjoy some of the beautiful moments captured for Chris and Brooke, as you can see, they are expecting a baby girl!! How exciting

Much love, Kelsey xx

Blissful Love Photography

P.s – If you need more convincing, listen to the passion of Aerosmith, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’



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