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Wedding Day First Look

Have you heard about the concept of a “First Look” on your wedding day but not really sure what it is or how it works?

Well look no further then this blog post because I will answer all of your questions as well as show you a couple of legends who seriously rocked their Wedding Day first look.

So what is a first look? A first look is where you see each other before the ceremony on your wedding day. You’ll be all dressed up and ready to get married but you’ll do that first look that generally would happen when you first walk down the aisle before the ceremony.

Why would you do a first look? There’s a couple of reasons so let me explain. And I am speaking from experience here because I actually did a first look on my wedding day as well.

  1. You want to enjoy that ‘first look’ moment for just the two of you instead of the crowd of people at your ceremony.
  2. You want more time with your other half on your wedding day. Sounds odd but generally you dont see that other half until about 3 o’clock on your wedding day. A first look brings that forward a few hours
  3. You can get your photos out of the way before the ceremony so that after your ceremony you get to stay and hang out with your guests
  4. You could plan it so that you can do your first look at one of your favourite locations that you might not have time to go to after the ceremony
  5. If you’re the nervous type, this is a great way to calm those nerves before the ceremony.

So there are lots of perks for doing a first look on your wedding day. It’s a little untraditional but at the end of the day it’s what works best for you guys!

For James &  Zara it was such a special moment that they shared firstly with each other and then their immediate family and friends. Situated at a family friends property, James stood in the middle of the garden ready for Zara to join him. With a nervous thumbs up to the camera he was ready to go. And as Zara walked towards him she had time and space to feel every feeling that she needed to feel. It was such a precious moment to witness. One that words can only just describe.

We gave these guys their space to enjoy this beautiful moment together before going to meet their families and bridal party who were eagerly waiting just around the corner. There was a might cheer as they approached followed by lots of hugs and a few tears of joy. What a moment to celebrate with those closest to you.

We then did some beautiful family photos and bridal party photos before parting again to head off to the ceremony.

Practically what are the best ways to do a first look other than be total legends and completely in love? Here’s some tips

  1. Pick a spot to do it that means something to you. Maybe its your favourite date location, where he proposed or a place you’ve loved growing up
  2. Give yourself plenty of time. Get your hair and make up done nice and early and plan the first look to be a few hours before your ceremony time so that you dont have to rush that moment. A bit of extra time to fix your hair and make up before the ceremony is good too.
  3. Have your nearest and dearest close by. You could have them at a distance to be able to watch as well or have them around the corner to celebrate when you’re ready
  4. Champagne is always a good idea!
  5. Have the rest of your photos planned out from there. Do you want to do your family photos there? Or more with the bridal party? Will you be doing anymore photos after the ceremony?
  6. Write a letter that you could read to each other before you do the reveal. This gets those emotions running so have some tissues near
  7. Just be seriously in love

So there you have it. How to nail a first look on your wedding day.

Check out part one of these guys wedding day for some inspiration. I’ll be doing another blog post on “How to nail a Private Property Wedding” because guess what, these guys did that too! (Serious legends right here)


Much love, Kelsey xx

Grooms details for his wedding dayGroom drinks a cup of tea before getting ready for his weddingGroom plays with his dog before his weddingGroom puts on his wedding day jacketGroom and his groomsmen laugh togetherWedding Dress and shoesWedding dress hanging upWedding rings in their boxesGirls laugh with a champagneBride laughs with her wedding dress hanging upBrides hands together as her mum does up her dressBride put her earrings inBride and her bridesmaids laugh togetherBride looks down at her flowersGroom gives a thumbs upBride wipes tears away before she sees her groomBride and groom at their first lookBride and groom hug after seeing each other for the first timeGroom checks out his brides dressBride and groom hug in the gardenGroom looks at his bride in her wedding dressBride and groom look around the cornerFamily cheer for the bride and groomBride and groom pop the champagneBride walks along with her familyFamily photos with everyone having funBride and groom stand on the jetty over a damnBridal party laugh togetherBride and her bridesmaids laugh togetherGroomsmen smile at the cameraBridal party smile at the cameraBride and groom kissGroom and bride rest their heads togetherBride puts her ring finger up at the cameraBride looks back as they walk away together