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Wedding Day Timeline

So you’re planning a wedding hey?

Well you should be an expert right? I mean you’ve probably done this hundreds of times! – Said NO ONE EVER!

Ok so yay you got engaged! But now you’re like ohhhhh crap, time to plan a wedding! Some people are super excited about this, others not so much. Where do you fit?

One of the questions that I get asked most is about the timeline on your wedding day. From experience you honestly dont really know how your wedding day will run until about 3 days before when you do your rehearsal. Seriously! We all plan this day thinking we know what we are in for but reality is majority have never done it before! We are in the ‘I hope the celebrants knows what he’s talking about because somehow i’m getting married!’ boat.

Its ok lovely, let me calm your nerves and give you an insight into what a wedding day timeline generally looks like. And I say generally because honestly you can run your day however you’d like. You can be as traditional or untraditional as you’d like. Its really up to you!

Generally here’s what a timeline looks like and why;

Morning of; Hair and makeup starts in the morning and will start at different times depending on how many of you there are to get your hair and make up done.

1pm; Boys getting ready. About 2 hours before the ceremony start time is when i’ll rock up at the boys house. I spend about 15 minutes getting all the details shots and then its time for the boys to get dressed.

TIP; make sure they all have everything out and ready to go. Tags taken off suits. Shirts already ironed and boys showered before the photographer arrives!

2pm; Girls getting ready. Again I take about 15 minutes for the detail shots and then its time for you to get ready. Woohoo! This is real babe!

3pm; Ceremony time. You should be a pro for this from your rehearsal night

3:30pm; After the ceremony we do the group photo and family photos while everyone is around. No grandma you cant head to the bar yet!

4pm; Let’s head of for bridal party photos! If your reception is at about 6pm then this gives us about 90 minutes for your bridal party photos. So pick a couple of locations that you love and we can either drive or walk there. Pick spots that you guys love. Or pick spots that are close together. Always chat to your photographer about where you want to head because some spots work best at certain times.

5:30pm; Head back for a sit down and touch up. Trust me, you want this. You’ve got a big night ahead!

6pm; Reception! Party time!

Now from here you can really run the night however you want. Some couples want the formalities out of the way straight away so they can relax. Some want to stretch out and save every moment. Whichever way you like is fine but remember to consider what time sunset is so you can get out for those awesome shots as well. Plus you’ll be craving some along time by then. Just a chance for you guys to relax and enjoy 5 minutes together. And then back we go to dance the night away.

So there you have it. A general timeline for your wedding day.

But get in touch with your vendors when deciding your timeline because they’ve done it hundreds of times before! They know what they are doing

Enjoy some shots from this styled shoot after the King Valley Wedding Expo! Maybe some styles here will inspire your wedding look!

– Venue; Lancemore Milawa
– Photographer; Blissful Love Photography
– Make up (bride) – Coby Field Makeup Artist
– Make up (bridesmaids) – Arbonne by Lisa
– Florist; Poppy Emporium
– Cake; Miss Naked Cakes
– Cheese Cake – Milawa Cheese Company
– Furniture and styling – Enhance Styling & Events
– Games; Snichols custom event hire
– Hair (brides); Kelsey Mae Hair & Extensions
– Brides dress; Madi Lane Bridal
– Bridesmaids dresses; Forever New
– Models; Josie, Chloe, Emily Crawford-Model

Much love, Kelsey xx

Wedding table set upSet up at a wedding receptionWedding Cheese CakeWedding Cheese CakeBridesmiads getting their makeup doneBridemaids cheers in front of the vinesBridemaids play some wedding gamesBride gets her make up doneWedding day flowersBride walks around the receptionBride walks down the aisleCeremony set upBride looks up at the cameraBride and her girls walk in front of the buildingBride walks up the stairsBride walks up the stairsBride pauses on the stairsBride swishes her dress in the vinesBride stands with her flowers in frontBridesmaids celebrate with their hands in the airBride walks in front of the flowersLadies standing in front of the buildingBride laughing and holding her hair