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I had so much fun with Jade & Rohan on their super fun engagement photo-shoot… The couple had never had photos done together before so they had heaps of fun together capturing these memories with each other..

I LOVE engagement shoots, it’s a time where we leave the cares at the door, laugh a little and get to know each other a little better so that on your big day there is no awkwardness in front of the camera (ahhh one less stress)

This session was certainly no different. The blog is going to be flooded with engagement sessions this month getting ready in top gear for wedding season starting in only a month away… Can’t wait to document all your weddings…

I had a ball documenting this session with you guys – so glad you love all the memories we captured together for you both..

Much Love – Jodie

couple hugging in a vacated house in the bush engaged couple looking at each other walking couple really close together laughing couple in the bush holding each other enjoying each others company couple having an intimate kiss holding each other in a forrest guy kissing his girlfriends forehead while her eyes are closed Wodonga-Engagement-And-Wedding-Photography007 having a beautiful hug Wodonga-Engagement-And-Wedding-Photography009 walking quickly through the bush laughing sitting in a shopping trolly pushing each otherleaning over under a big tree having a kiss with the guys holding his girlfriends face a photo of a guy and bride to be spending some quality time togetherWodonga-Engagement-And-Wedding-Photography018 Wodonga-Engagement-And-Wedding-Photography019 couple sitting on a log looking to the side enjoying the moment silly sloppy kisses Wodonga-Engagement-And-Wedding-Photography022 couple together looking at the camera hugging each other girlfriend wrapping her arms areout her fiances neck looking at him with lovepiggyback rides with partner kissing him Wodonga-Engagement-And-Wedding-Photography027